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NGAFUA AND PEOPLE takes a visionary, hands-on approach to helping you start your new business or grow your existing business.

Starting or growing a business is one of the most exciting and promising things anyone can do in life. Owning a money-making business will be fulfilling and rewarding. It will be an accomplishment you can be proud of. You will get words of admiration from friends, family, and others in your industry and community.

Just as important, your income as a business owner can grow year after year. Instead of working at a job where you might be lucky to receive a 10 percent raise, a business owner can have a good year and see their profits jump 20 times.

Imagine consistently pulling down six figures in the months and years ahead. You will be able to pay bills, enjoy a richer lifestyle, provide a better future for those you love, and even retire early.

We Are Intime Business Solutions

Experienced Guidance for Your Success

GAFUAN AND PEOPLE has the years of experience needed to ensure your business runs properly, has ample funds required for startup and expansion, and is able to turn profits early on. If your business is already established, we can help you grow your success and take your organization to the next level.

We don’t just advise, we PARTNER with you to take an active interest in your success. That means we are 100% onboard to offer every advantage in our tool box. This lets you sidestep all the pitfalls and unfortunate surprises that hold most new businesses back and often dooms them to failure.

All too often new and young businesses miss judge their market, potential, and the challenges that can trip them up. Soon you’re sitting in an empty office or shop with few customers coming through the door. All while expenses mount eating up your savings.

Take the Proven Path Forward

Our experienced experts keep you on the proven path to success, helping you avoid common problems .

We take mystery and worry out of starting your business. Rather than having to put your business dreams off while you save money for the startup, then borrow from friends and family to get started – GAFUAN AND PEOPLE offers credit solutions that can open up financing with lines of credit and credit cards.

This can include personal credit repair and business credit building, which are very necessary for most types of business. Our experts can clean up personal credit, delete all negative accounts, and help you more easily qualify for home loans, auto loans, business credit cards, and lines of credit that can be vital to your success.

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